Powers of Attorney

An important aspect to consider when making an estate plan is planning for the possibility of future incapacitation. No one knows what their future may hold, and it is important that you plan ahead and assign a trusted surrogate to make decisions regarding your finances and healthcare on your behalf.

At the Law Office of Constantine G. Tzamouranis, P.C., we help you think through the future possibilities and their implications, and take necessary measures to protect your rights and estate. We create a comprehensive estate protection plan, keeping your specific needs in mind, so that it accounts for all kinds of eventualities. Our estate planning attorney is compassionate, friendly, and responsive, with a steadfast commitment to keep your best interests. We provide reliable legal counsel and advise you when you should include a power of attorney in your estate plan.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney enables you to designate someone you trust with the authority to make decisions on your behalf under certain circumstances. The designated person can perform a number of functions, including paying bills, operating a business, signing documents, handling legal matters, managing property and financial assets, making healthcare decisions, and several others.

Types of Power of Attorney

There are two types of power of attorney in Illinois, and both the estate planning tools are considered durable, unless otherwise stated. This means that they will remain valid in case you become incapacitated.

Property Power of Attorney

A property power of attorney grants a trusted person the right to handle your financial affairs, either temporarily or permanently. Some duties of the designee include filing tax returns, dealing with insurance issues, paying bills, managing financial paperwork, and others.

This type of power of attorney is suitable in situations when you are traveling for an extended period and want to temporarily designate a trusted individual to handle your finances in your place. For the purpose of estate planning, you may grant power of attorney to a person to act on your behalf in the event you become mentally or physically disabled and are unable make financial decisions.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A healthcare power of attorney is typically made for a point in time in the future when you may become physically or mentally incapacitated, and no longer able to make healthcare decisions for yourself. However, you will still have the control over your own care if you are still capable. It is important that the person you appoint shares your philosophy, and completely understands your wishes pertaining to end-of-life issues.

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