Probate Law

Following the passing of a loved one, you undoubtedly do not want to think about complex legal issues. While entirely understandable, probate is a complex legal process that should not be ignored. In Illinois, probate refers to the process through which a deceased person’s will is proven and accepted, at which point their property is transferred in accordance with their last wishes. Unfortunately, probate can sometimes be a confusing process during which disputes arise.

At the Law Office of Constantine G. Tzamouranis, P.C., our Illinois probate lawyer has handled many complex probate cases. If your loved one’s estate is going through probate now, we can help you make the process as smooth as possible. Our law firm is committed to protecting the rights of our clients. For top-quality estate planning services and probate guidance, please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Understanding Probate in Illinois

In Illinois, individuals have the right to pass on their property to a person or entity of their choice. Probate is the process that ensures that a person’s wishes are actually carried out in accordance with Illinois probate law (755 ILCS 5 Probate Act of 1975). While every probate case is different, the overwhelming majority involve the following five steps:

  1. The will is proven as legally valid;
  2. All property owned by the deceased is identified;
  3. Assets covered by the will are appraised;
  4. Any remaining debts and taxes are paid off; and
  5. Property is distributed to the appropriate parties.

How Our Illinois Probate Lawyer Can Help You

In some cases, you may be able to get through the probate process on your own. In general, you will not need a probate attorney if you have a basic understanding of the process, the estate is relatively small, and there is no dispute.

However, if any of those three criteria are not met, it is highly recommended that you consult with a skilled probate attorney. Whether the will is especially complex, there is a dispute, or there is general confusion, you need to work with a legal advocate who can protect your right to your fair share of the inheritance. Some examples of cases that our Illinois probate law attorney can help you with include:

  • Contested wills;
  • Will defect cases;
  • Disputes over insurance policies;
  • Concealment of assets;
  • Altered estate planning documents;
  • Tax issues; and
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims.

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