Wills & Trusts

Everyone can benefit from creating a will or trust with the help of an experienced attorney, no matter the size of their estate, including business tycoons, small business owners, new parents and retirees. With proper estate planning, you can protect your assets and property, state the manner of distribution, plan and designate guardians to care for disabled or minor children, and assign a trustee to make decisions on your behalf. Moreover, when you create a will or trust, it prevents from future disputes among family members, and also shows how much you care for them.

At the Law Office of Constantine G. Tzamouranis, P.C., our attorney is capable of handling different level of complexities when creating a will or trust, and devise practical, innovative solutions to fit your specific needs. We provide personalized services and thorough legal guidance that effectively accounts for our clients’ finances, goals, and family interests. We understand that legal needs can arise on short notice under critical circumstances, and that is why we strive to provide responsive and accessible services and offer timely solutions.


Wills, living wills, and other similar estate planning tools grant you the power to control the distribution of your assets after you have passed away or become incapacitated. It enables you to record your final wishes in black and white.

Our attorney handles all aspects of creating a will, including financial issues, taxes, special conditions, and meets all the lawful requirements to make the will legally enforceable in the future. We also ensure that your interests and wishes are fully honored after your death.


A trust is an important estate planning tool that offers several benefits over wills, including avoiding probate, maintaining privacy, setting aside funds for a disabled child, and enables beneficiaries to enjoy tax benefits in certain situations. We help you understand the different types of trusts, such as living trusts, irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts, and others, and help you choose the right one for your specific situation.

Making Adjustments to Cater to Your Needs

Constantine G. Tzamouranis has extensive experience in handling new and existing wills and trusts. We carefully listen to your needs, offer our competent legal counsel, and make adjustments to your estate planning documents accordingly. We establish directives that provide for your family and loved ones in the future, and ensure the outcomes you desire in specific financial and medical situations. We also provide guidance on suitable methods for protecting your assets from unnecessary taxes and obligations.

At the Law Office of Constantine G. Tzamouranis, P.C., our clients benefit from our focused knowledge and years of experience in the practice area and personalized attention. Whether you want to establish a will or a trust, or want legal advice to choose the best option between the two, you may contact the Law Office of Constantine G. Tzamouranis, P.C., today at (708) 873-5300 to schedule an initial consultation.